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WingTsun for the elderly

Being safe in everyday life and staying mobile

We want safety and physical mobility at all ages. The course concept for older people adapts its teaching to the needs and learning behaviour of this age group.

Self-defense and health, how does that fit together? Even more than you might think, because an optimal, energy-saving way of moving is just as indispensable for a martial art as for our everyday ability to move. Numerous studies indicate that it is particularly important for people who are getting older to remain physically active.
In the field of self-defence, it is important to be able to act confidently and safely in all situations in life. The knowledge about possible dangerous situations and how to deal with them, as well as the own abilities, which are acquired by practicing the self-defence techniques, help to a completely new emotional, like physical strength.
Physical mobility and mobility are supported by the health aspects of the course and are significantly improved by regular participation. It is about the conscious ability to move the entire body optimally.
Participation requires neither sporting skills nor any other previous knowledge.

Die Fähigkeit, das Wort NEIN auszusprechen, ist der erste Schritt zur Freiheit.
Nicolas Chamfort (franz. Schriftsteller) , EWTO Schweiz